Thursday, 14 June 2012

Making a grand entrance...

When we moved in there was a very old and useless softwood front door. Complete with peeling painted glazing! And a single yale lock that was not secure. 

It was so flimsy it blew open in the first week because I had forgotten to put the dead bolt on!

Check out the groovy side panel - totally retro, and totally 60s, but totally not what we had in mind.

The trouble was we couldn't get it replaced straight away because F&M Windows - our chosen company - were fully booked for a couple of months. Great for them. A challenge for us.

After a few days we realised that using the back door was the safest and easiest option.

Patiently we waited - it actually worked in our favour because it would have been tricky to have all the tradesmen here at the same time - and it was so worth the wait.

We went for a composite door over UPVC despite it being more costly. It looks great and we are so pleased we plumped for the pricier option. It looks far superior.


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