Sunday, 11 March 2012

Carpentry in the bathroom

I know. I am a tease. The bathroom is done. But before I steam in with the 'after' photographs, I want to talk a little about the carpentry.

Dave is a legend. He worked so hard for us, and produced outstanding results. And charged us such a paltry amount it was laughable. Of course I did ply him with copious amounts of tea, mince pies and homemade ginger cake - but still, Dave is a legend.

When T removed the tiles from the wall, he discovered that the boxing around the soil pipe had pretty much rotten away. Hardly surprising given the seals around the bath letting water into goodness knows where.

Carpenter required. Enter family friend Dave. All new framework for the soil pipe and plasterboard boxing in. Ready to be tiled onto. Perfect.

On top of that, we needed a supporting leg at each end of the new bath, and a bespoke wooden bath panel -we never get on with the acrylic bath panels that come with the tub, they always crack and scratch and look awful, so it made sense to have something custom-made that would also link neatly with our newly-purchased vanity sink unit.

But the pictures of the panel will have to wait until next time as they also show off a bit too much of the new sanitary-ware and taps, which should really be part of the big, 'Everything's done so look at me!' reveal...

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  1. Hello Chelle...

    Blog (and house) looks great! I replied to your question on my blog, and then I thought I should reply here as well. Can't find a way of notifying of a reply to comments. But I'll ask my mate Google, he should know.